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Robert Haddad's thirty

top talks!

1. Why we need a new apologetics - Now!

2.How Billy Graham made me Catholic.

3. Purgatory and Praying for the Dead.

4. Seven Surprises of the Eucharist!

5. The Eucharist - the fruit of the new Tree of Life.

6. The Eucharist in the Early Church.

7. Is Jesus God?

8. Jesus Christ - fact or fantasy?

9. Jesus Christ - liar, lunatic or Lord?

10. Prophecies concerning the coming of Christ.

11. Mary - The Immaculate Conception.

12. Mary - The new Ark of the Covenant.

13. The brothers and sisters of Jesus - Who are they?

14. The Ark, the Temple and the Glory.

15. The Devil in Detail.

16. The First Christians - Ten things you need to know about the early Catholic Church.

17. 1001 Reasons Why It's Great to be Catholic!

18. Faith and Salvation - Are you saved?

19. Is there an assurance of salvation?

20. Sola Scriptura?

21. Who is our ultimate authority?

22. Amazing modern miracles!

23. The Rapture, the Antichrist and the End Times -

Who will be saved?

24. The Pope - the Prime Minister of the New Israel.

25. The Pope - Vicar of Christ or Antichrist?

26. Bad Popes - Who and why.

27. The Koran - Where does it come from?

28. Is Mohammad in the Bible?

29. Apparitions - True and False and how to discern.

30. Prophets of Doom - Should we listen to them?

Any many more!

To book Robert for any of these talks contact him on

61 2 9568 8116

or at

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